Jeremy Meeks, The Felon Who’s Stealing The Ladies Hearts!

Jeremy with his family

Jeremy with his family

Stockton Police Department’s uploaded Jeremy Meeks 30 mugshot to their Facebook page on June 18th. Meeks is a 6 time felon who was taken into custody for his connection with crimes in the area. Authorities also confiscated firearms from the felon. Meeks bail is set at $900,000.  His photo has been shared over times and his FB page has over 40,000 likes and counting. This just goes to show that looks can cloud peoples judgement.  The #FelonCrushFriday has bern started because of Meeks.  Many have been commenting that Meeks should model and be given a chance to start over while others are outraged that his good looks are giving him this treatment.  The Meeks bashing has begun, the males are especially happy that a picture has surfaced that has some questioning his sexuality, even thou he is married. Go-Fund Me campaign was created to help him post bail, and many of his fans are making donations to get this felon out.  His mom has stated that he is being railroaded, he has a job, and the tatoos are from his past What are your thoughts on this.  Please feel free to comment, do you think if Meeks was a female he would receive the same treatment???  Or is he a devil in disguise behind those blue eyes???

Kermit has had alot to say!

Kermit has had alot to say!


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